Yellow Flesh Fruit Downloads (Private)

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Flavor profiles will vary based on the palate of the person eating the fruit, as well as by natural variation between pieces  - if you feel a description is inaccurate, please send us your description to add as an alternative profile.


More photos available from our Flickr account: Peaches & Peacharines and Nectarines

Nectarine Description

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Stylized Shot 1 Mixed Fruit Shot Download Here  Distressed pallet with apricots, pluots, yellow nectarines, white nectarines, white peaches, yellow peaches and leaves.
Stylized Shot 2      
Stylized Shot 3      
Tree Shot 1      
Tree Shot 2      
Tree Shot 3      
August Fire

Download August Fire
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(1.8 MB)

August Glow      
Crimson Sweet      
Grand Bright      
Honey Blaze

Download Honey Blaze
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(2.1 MB)

Honey Fire      
Honey May

Download Honey May
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(2 MB)

Medium density

Strong, bright flavor, tangy to start with a honey sweet finish

Deliciously aromatic

Honey Red

Download Honey Red
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(1.9 MB)

Honey Royal

Download Honey Royal Photo
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(1.9 MB)

June Sweet      
Kay Sweet      
Orange Honey Heirloom      
Red Jewel

Download Red Jewel 
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(1.4 MB)

Red Roy

Download Red Roy Photo
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(1.2 MB)

Red skin with hints of yellow and orange undertones
 • Yellow flesh with reddish orange stipling 
Aroma: Good - not too light, but not overly fragrant
• Density: Medium 
Taste: Strong and tangy, leans towards a pineapple undertone, cling pit
Rose Bright

Download Rose Bright Click Here

(2.9 MB)

Ruby Diamond

Download Ruby Diamond
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(1.6 MB)

Ruby Fire      
September Bright      
Spring Bright

Download Spring Bright
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(2.4 MB)

Sugarine 1

Download Sugarine 
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(2 MB)

Sugarine 2      
Summer Jewel      
Zee Fire      


Saucer Peach Description Image Preview Download Link
Stylized Shot 1    
Stylized Shot 2    
Tree Shot Vertical

Download Golden Moon
Vertical Tree Shot
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(3.2 MB)

Tree Shot Horizontal

Download Golden Moon
Horizontal Tree Shot
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(3.1 MB)

Golden Moon

Download Golden Moon Photo
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(1.4 MB)


Peach Description Image Preview Download Link Description
Stylized Shot 1      
Stylized Shot 2      
Stylized Shot 3      
Tree Shot 1      
Tree Shot 2      
Tree Shot 3      
Autumn Jewel      
Candy Princess      
Crimson Sun      
Earli Rich      
Early Heirloom

Download Early Heirloom
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(8 MB)

Flavor Crest

Download Flavor Crest Photo
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(1.9 MB)

Honey Princess      
June Flame      
May Princess     Firey mix of red and yellow skin with a yellow flesh
Juicy, acidic and tangy, ending with a slight sweetness

Aroma: Strong and clean with a hint of sweetness
Sierra Rich      
Spring Princess

Download Spring Princess Photo
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(2.3 MB)

Yellow skin with orange and red blush, moderately thick
 • Bright yellow flesh with reddish orange stipling 
Aroma: Very aromatic - strong peach scent
• Density: soft 
Taste: Fibrous but not mealy, strong/bold flavor, very juicy, cling pit
Spring Treat      
Strawberry Heirloom      
Sugar Time      
Summer Flame      
Super Lady      
Super Rich      
Sweet Dream      
Sweet Henry      
Sweet Juana      
Sweet September