Regarding the Voluntary Stone Fruit Recall by Wawona Packing

Thank you for coming to our site to ensure the fruit you have purchased is not part of the recent voluntary recall by Wawona Packing. Our industry is committed to bringing the freshest - and safest - food to your table, and your participation in double-checking your purchases helps ensure our food supply remains secure.

Fruit packaged by Kingsburg Orchards is NOT affected by the recent recall. This includes: Dinosaur Brand, Flavor Farmer, Kingsburg Maiden, Apple Pears, Velvet Series Apricots, and our other labels. Our fruit is packed here at our facilities in Kingsburg.

For more information regarding the recall, please feel free to visit Wawona Packing’s website at

As a company, - and an industry - we strive to maintain the highest standards of food safety, meeting or exceeding the standards set by the government and we will continue to work towards that end. Voluntary recalls, such as that issued by Wawona, are just one of many practices we have in place to prevent food illness outbreaks before they occur. We hope that you will be able to stand by our industry as a whole with confidence through this time.

Thank you.


Thank God! I was halway through the juiciest nectarine ever when I thought to check. I really didn't want to stop eating it :)

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